Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water Inspired Nails!

Since my last post/nail design was fire or lava inspired I figured I'd cool it off a bit with water inspired nails this time. Truthfully, I was working on a beach/swimming design that got way off track. I had a beach ball on one nail and a terrible umbrella on another--it was not cohesive at all, but I suppose that is what I get for sitting down with no real idea of where the design was going. I went on and filmed this whole catastrophe from beginning to end (which will be interesting to edit) and instead of going straight to youtube I figured I see what my lovely blog followers thought.

The technique that I used to get an underlayed look was layering. I started with OPI Teal the Cows Come Home then splotched a navy, light blue and holo over that. Another layer of Teal the Cows Come Home, a few lines of white and water inspired nails is what I've got! Let me know what you think!

T he fun thing about this design is that at different angles you see different color changes and variations.

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