Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte Top Coat Review

Sometime last week I decided to order some Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, 5 to be exact and a few days ago they arrived. I haven't been so excited to receive a package in quite some time. I immediately tore open the envelope, ripped through the tissue paper and began to open all the boxes. I picked up four colors (Film Noir, Drifter, Recycle, and Stormy) and while all the colors were gorgeous, I was most interested in the Matte Top Coat initially. With the trend leaning towards Matte this year I didn't want to purchase all new polishes especially when this may be a complete faux-pas next year. While I have invested in a few OPI Mattes and some Zoya Mattes, RBL does not offer any Matte polishes except this top coat which promises to turn your favorite polishes to Matte with just a few swipes. A similar product is offered by Orly and Essie if you are looking for a less expensive alternative. This one was $18 just like all the polishes RBL offers. So onto the review!
The RBL Matte Top Coat is a great addition to any collection, the problem comes when you expect too much out of the product. First I applied RBL Recycle, 2 coats over my Nail Tek II Base Coat. Recycle is a beautiful green, lighter than the Zoya Envy but slightly jelly like and super opaque. Next, I applied 1 coat of the RBL Matte Top Coat. This top coat dries very quickly but, unlike the OPI Matte polishes you do not have the problem of the "brush stroke" look that I mentioned in my previous post. Besides giving you a definite Matte finish there is also that barrier to the polish that you get from using a top coat which you can't get using other Matte color formulations (because a regular top coat will make your Matte finish become shiny). At first the Matte finish is absolutely beautiful and exactly what you would expect but after a day, two at the most, you end up with a satin finish. Now, I know that after a few days your Matte finish will turn Satin with any Matte polish but this one seems a lot quicker. From just hand washing I had two days of Matte perfection but once you throw in using hand cream/lotion (which I can't avoid using here in my dry climate) it was down to one solid day. This is the only problem that I have found with the RBL Matte Top Coat and while it is a pain to reapply top coat it isn't nearly as bad as having to remove all your polish and start fresh. Keep that in mind if you purchase this product.
Overall I give this a 4.5/5 based on price, ease of use and the possibility of repurchasing.
Here's some pics of my Matte RBL Recyle Mani (excuse the pinky--it's finally growing back)...


  1. I love this colour!

  2. it's gorgeous! thanks for sharing. more blue than the occ blackboard. i'd def rock it!