Friday, September 18, 2009

OPI/Zoya Dupes

While going through my nail polish collection I found a few dupes that I was unaware I had so I figured that I would share. The three OPI and the three Zoya polishes that I found as dupes were from the OPI Espana Collection and the Fall 09 Zoya collection (So they were basically released at the same time). While I love them all I am more inclined to use OPI just by price alone. Zoya polishes retail for $6 and OPI Polishes are priced around $4.50 from etailers like transdesign, head2toebeauty, and 8ty8beauty. All except Zoya Envy which is my favorite color from recent hauls.
Here's the first set:

Thumb is OPI, Index finger is Zoya
These two were exact dupes of each other except that the Zoya needed two coats and the OPI only need one.

Here's the second set:

OPI is left, Zoya on the Right
These two colors are incredibly close. Again this is two coats of Zoya to one coat of OPI. The Zoya color has a stronger purple undertone than the OPI.
The third set:

Zoya on the left, OPI on the Right
This shade of green is very hard to capture but if these two shade are also almost exactly the same. The OPI is a little more olive but barely noticable. When I swatched the I had to keep reminding myself which nail was which. The difference here was that the OPI actually needed two coats and the Zoya only needed one.

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  1. I love wearing dark nailcolour! <3 But i rarely use nailpolish, because i forgot it . *sigh*