Monday, September 21, 2009

My new additions--Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows!

I've added a few new shadows to my collection!

Neutral Palette
Above (Left to Right): No.00, 144, 40
Above (Left to Right): No. 29, 17, 138

Top: No.4
Left to Right: No.148, 164, 161
Colors Palette

Above (Top to Bottom): No.72, 118, 50 (technically a blush)

Above (Top to Bottom): No. 93, 91, 81

Above (Top to Bottom): No. 92, 116, 93

Left: No.160, Right: No.39
I've had these shadows for about a month now and I can honestly say that I love every color. Obviously by looking at the pictures you can tell that some colors are more wearable than others but generally speaking I think that I have a good mix of colors that I will love using. All but 3 of these are Matte the others are shimer. The Matte texture is amazing--way better than any other Matte's that I have tried. I will definitely purchase more of these in the future!
Right now at and participating Sephora stores, when you purchase 3 MUFE Shadows, Diamond Shadows or blushes you can get a free MUFE 10 Pan empty palette (that's how I got mine--with some back ups). The empty palette itself is a $20 value.
Do you have any MUFE favorites? Let me know below!


  1. those are some awesome colors, yay for swatches! You must have a ton of back palettes, LOL.

  2. The purples look amazing!!!

    really vibrant and rich, plus it looks like it has a nice coverage.

    thank you for showing us this.

  3. gasp! lovely! *swooning* thanks for sharing!