Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water Inspired Nails!

Since my last post/nail design was fire or lava inspired I figured I'd cool it off a bit with water inspired nails this time. Truthfully, I was working on a beach/swimming design that got way off track. I had a beach ball on one nail and a terrible umbrella on another--it was not cohesive at all, but I suppose that is what I get for sitting down with no real idea of where the design was going. I went on and filmed this whole catastrophe from beginning to end (which will be interesting to edit) and instead of going straight to youtube I figured I see what my lovely blog followers thought.

The technique that I used to get an underlayed look was layering. I started with OPI Teal the Cows Come Home then splotched a navy, light blue and holo over that. Another layer of Teal the Cows Come Home, a few lines of white and water inspired nails is what I've got! Let me know what you think!

T he fun thing about this design is that at different angles you see different color changes and variations.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zoya Trio Givaway Winner!

Today is the day. As I alway will do, whether it be here on my blog or on twitter/youtube, the winner was determined using random.org. I think that it is more fair overall because everyone has an equal chance of winning. So, this morning I entered 1-15 in the random.org generator and the number it generated, the winner of the giveaway was (drumroll please): Number 1, Olivia. Thank you to everyone who participated--there will be more givaways to come including one for Rescue Beauty Lounge and Make Up For Ever!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fire Nails

Since I haven't put up a nail art tutorial on my youtube channel in a while I figured that today I would bite the bullet. From my previous posts you can probably tell that I've just been going with plain nails--meaning that I've been letting all my amazing new colors I've recently purchased do all the work. Honestly I wasn't ready to go full fling into hardcore nail art today so instead I took the middle road and went with something easy, not to obvious and best of all quick. The technique that used is actually called marbling. It is basically swirling wet polishes together to create a marbled effect. If you've been with me long enough you might remember a water marbeling video/blog post--well this is the same idea without the water. So here is what I ended up with--nothing to ostentacious but also unique as each nail is a little different:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Zoya Giveaway!

Currently, on my Youtube channel I am hosting a contest (prizes include nail products and cosmetics) and a giveaway for a Zoya Nailpolish. I feel like I am neglecting my blog followers! To help ease the bit of guilt I have going, I figured I'd have a little Zoya Giveaway right here! All you need to do is post a comment below saying what your favorite Zoya color is, or if you've tried them already what do you think of Zoya. I will choose the winner using random.org in 1 week. I will do a post announcing the winner and then the winner will need to send me their mailing address so, stayed tuned to this blog for updates! Good Luck!

Here's the trio that's up for grabs:

My new additions--Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows!

I've added a few new shadows to my collection!

Neutral Palette
Above (Left to Right): No.00, 144, 40
Above (Left to Right): No. 29, 17, 138

Top: No.4
Left to Right: No.148, 164, 161
Colors Palette

Above (Top to Bottom): No.72, 118, 50 (technically a blush)

Above (Top to Bottom): No. 93, 91, 81

Above (Top to Bottom): No. 92, 116, 93

Left: No.160, Right: No.39
I've had these shadows for about a month now and I can honestly say that I love every color. Obviously by looking at the pictures you can tell that some colors are more wearable than others but generally speaking I think that I have a good mix of colors that I will love using. All but 3 of these are Matte the others are shimer. The Matte texture is amazing--way better than any other Matte's that I have tried. I will definitely purchase more of these in the future!
Right now at Sephora.com and participating Sephora stores, when you purchase 3 MUFE Shadows, Diamond Shadows or blushes you can get a free MUFE 10 Pan empty palette (that's how I got mine--with some back ups). The empty palette itself is a $20 value.
Do you have any MUFE favorites? Let me know below!

Friday, September 18, 2009

OPI/Zoya Dupes

While going through my nail polish collection I found a few dupes that I was unaware I had so I figured that I would share. The three OPI and the three Zoya polishes that I found as dupes were from the OPI Espana Collection and the Fall 09 Zoya collection (So they were basically released at the same time). While I love them all I am more inclined to use OPI just by price alone. Zoya polishes retail for $6 and OPI Polishes are priced around $4.50 from etailers like transdesign, head2toebeauty, and 8ty8beauty. All except Zoya Envy which is my favorite color from recent hauls.
Here's the first set:

Thumb is OPI, Index finger is Zoya
These two were exact dupes of each other except that the Zoya needed two coats and the OPI only need one.

Here's the second set:

OPI is left, Zoya on the Right
These two colors are incredibly close. Again this is two coats of Zoya to one coat of OPI. The Zoya color has a stronger purple undertone than the OPI.
The third set:

Zoya on the left, OPI on the Right
This shade of green is very hard to capture but if these two shade are also almost exactly the same. The OPI is a little more olive but barely noticable. When I swatched the I had to keep reminding myself which nail was which. The difference here was that the OPI actually needed two coats and the Zoya only needed one.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge--Concrete Jungle

This color is no longer on my nails--I am so wishy-washy in terms of what colors I want to wear and when but it was on there yesterday. RBL Concrete Jungle is a pale blue gray color that definitely leans towards the cool side of the spectrum. Against my warm skin tone it took a bit to get used to but after about an hour I loved the color. Another great gray from RBL is Stormy which I will be ordering shortly. This polish applies so easily, smoothly and dries quickly. I am so impressed with these polishes that it leaves me wondering why I didn't purchase them before; oh wait! I remember, They are $18 a pop! These are a luxury nail item in my opinion but if you see a color you love go for it--you won't be disappointed!
Here are the pics pre-clean up--I was in a rush!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am officially 25 today--that is all...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte Top Coat Review

Sometime last week I decided to order some Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, 5 to be exact and a few days ago they arrived. I haven't been so excited to receive a package in quite some time. I immediately tore open the envelope, ripped through the tissue paper and began to open all the boxes. I picked up four colors (Film Noir, Drifter, Recycle, and Stormy) and while all the colors were gorgeous, I was most interested in the Matte Top Coat initially. With the trend leaning towards Matte this year I didn't want to purchase all new polishes especially when this may be a complete faux-pas next year. While I have invested in a few OPI Mattes and some Zoya Mattes, RBL does not offer any Matte polishes except this top coat which promises to turn your favorite polishes to Matte with just a few swipes. A similar product is offered by Orly and Essie if you are looking for a less expensive alternative. This one was $18 just like all the polishes RBL offers. So onto the review!
The RBL Matte Top Coat is a great addition to any collection, the problem comes when you expect too much out of the product. First I applied RBL Recycle, 2 coats over my Nail Tek II Base Coat. Recycle is a beautiful green, lighter than the Zoya Envy but slightly jelly like and super opaque. Next, I applied 1 coat of the RBL Matte Top Coat. This top coat dries very quickly but, unlike the OPI Matte polishes you do not have the problem of the "brush stroke" look that I mentioned in my previous post. Besides giving you a definite Matte finish there is also that barrier to the polish that you get from using a top coat which you can't get using other Matte color formulations (because a regular top coat will make your Matte finish become shiny). At first the Matte finish is absolutely beautiful and exactly what you would expect but after a day, two at the most, you end up with a satin finish. Now, I know that after a few days your Matte finish will turn Satin with any Matte polish but this one seems a lot quicker. From just hand washing I had two days of Matte perfection but once you throw in using hand cream/lotion (which I can't avoid using here in my dry climate) it was down to one solid day. This is the only problem that I have found with the RBL Matte Top Coat and while it is a pain to reapply top coat it isn't nearly as bad as having to remove all your polish and start fresh. Keep that in mind if you purchase this product.
Overall I give this a 4.5/5 based on price, ease of use and the possibility of repurchasing.
Here's some pics of my Matte RBL Recyle Mani (excuse the pinky--it's finally growing back)...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I was and am wearing currently

Autumn is my absolute favorite season for nail polish. All the beautiful vampy shades come out along with the golds, oranges and reds that are tried and true favorites. This season has also brought a fairly new texture as well; matte. Now in all honesty I wasn't all too excited to look at mattes let alone wear them so I probably shouldn't have started with the color I did. You Don't Know Jacques? Matte by OPI is an ugly color in the bottle but thank goodness it looks better once it is against a skin tone. Like some other bloggers have mentioned OPI really made a mistake in naming their matte shades the same as their other polishes--adding "matte" to the end of the name implies that the colors are similar to their shiny counterparts--do not be fooled!

Instead of telling you all how annoying I find this naming concept I'd rather talk about wear, application and overall ease of use.

It is recommended that you do not use a base coat with this product although I gave it a try with a base coat. I used Nail Tek II (not foundation) and let it dry thoroughly and then I began applying the Matte polish. Be fore warned this formula starts to dry very quickly so be ready to move fast!

My first coat was nearly opaque and a little streaky to be honest but part of that may have been just getting used to how quickly it dried. My second coat was easier. I applied the second coat a bit thicker than the first. Once the formula was fully dry it was a bit streaky--maybe that's not the right word, it was more like you could seen the brush strokes. While that wasn't all too annoying it was a bit unexpected so keep that in mind. Here's some pictures of what 2 coats look like (in two different lights):

You don't know Jacques? Matte was a bit brown, a bit gray, and a tiny bit plum. Over all the color was surprisingly nice against my skin tone. In terms of wear I really did not have a issue with chipping instead the color just wore away a bit on the tips which always happens. I had two days of perfect wear followed by two days wear the texture changed from Matte to Satin which occurs when you apply lotion, do dishes or any other activity involving a lot of water or cream. Anyways, I will be purchasing a few more OPI Mattes based on this one.

Today I applied one of my new Zoya colors from them "Dare" collection called Envy. Envy is an amazing vampy deep green cream color that in some lights look black and some a jungle camo green. I have always been a fan of the green polishes. This truly made it feel like fall even though it still over 100 degrees outside. Two coats gave an opaque finish and wow! I can't wait to see what this looks like in direct sunlight! Here's some pics of Envy (keep in mind the color looks different in different lights):

In the sunlight...

Don't you just love it! What are you favorite fall nail colors?