Friday, October 21, 2011

Nails Inc. Autumn Color Collection Swatches/Review

Nails Inc. is a fairly new to us here in the United States however I have been coveting them since I first saw a UK blogger post some swatches. Luckily, you can now find these at Sephora! These polishes retail for around $9.50 for a 10mL bottle (they also make a much hyped magnetic polish). This set in particular, the Autumn Color Collection contains 4 full size polishes for $25!
Included in this set are:
Fenchurch Street-- a warm caramel
St. Pancras-- burgundy wine
Paddington-- deep smoky gray/green
Charing Cross--a classic red

As always click on any picture to enlarge!

 Before you proceed, I must apologize for how terrible my cuticles look. I even considered re-swatching and taking all new pictures just because of how my cuticles look but that would take too long. Please bear this in mind.

The brush

Fenchurch Street

St. Pancras

Paddington no flash

Paddington w/flash

Charing Cross

Sticker residue on all the bottles

The formulas for all these polishes was amazing. They are all pictured with two coats but only Paddington really needed a second coat to get rid of some patchiness. I highly recommend these polishes! They are great for Autumn and very chic!

My biggest disappointment was the bottle itself; they just felt flimsy and cheap! As you can see above that beautiful shiny cap also has the ability to chip for no reason what so ever! The labels for these polishes also overlap the bottle and cap--while I appreciate this for shipping it leaves an annoying sticker residue. To remove I recommend rubbing alcohol.

What do you think about these polishes?!

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  2. Ya ...My sephora's does not carry the Nails only on website...but I did order one of the Magnetic polishes there a few weeks back ..the purple one and I LOVE IT and had soo many compliments and people asking me how I did that .lol so I had to explain the whole thing..LOL