Sunday, October 9, 2011

Color Club Backstage Pass Collection Swatches/Review!

Before you scroll through all the pictures I would like to preface this post by saying that this is a collection of (mostly) glitter polishes. These would need to be layered over a polish to truly get the entire effect but I am showing exactly what you get when you brush on the polish/glitter.

 This collection includes six polishes:

Take the Stage-- Gold glitter with silver/iridescent flakes
Backstage Pass-- Silver and purple hex glitter (large)
Wish Upon a Rock-Star-- Multicolored glitter with large purple hex's
It's a Hit-- Purple hex glitter (large)
Fame & Fortune-- Red jelly base with iridescent flakes
Platinum Record--Silver glitter

Wish Upon a Rock-Star, Backstage Pass, Take the Stage

Take the Stage-- I love the large glitter flakes!

Take the Stage-- 2 coats

Backstage Pass--Mainly large hex glitter but there are a few small glitters in there too!

Backstage Pass--2 Passes of trying to apply--I basically had to place the glitter piece by piece to make it somewhat even.

Wish Upon a Rock-Star

Wish Upon a Rock-Star, 2 Coats, easy application

Platinum Record, Fame & Fortune, It's a Hit

It's a Hit

It's a Hit, 2 coats, had the same problems as with Backstage Pass

Fame & Fortune

Fame & Fortune, 2 Coats with Flash

Fame & Fortune, 2 Coats without Flash

Platinum Record

Platinum Record, 2 Coats
Fav's and Flops
Platinum Record--Easy to apply, good coverage for a glitter, and I love the different sizes and shapes.
Fame & Fortune-- It's the only polish in the collection with a base color and I love the iridescent flakes.
Wish Upon a Rock-Star-- In the bottle it didn't seem special but I really like the combo once it is painted on the nails.

Backstage Pass and It's a Hit-- The application was so difficult you couldn't just brush it on! I spent so much time trying to get the hex glitter to fairly evenly cover the nail that it was more of a hassle than fun.

Where to find: is the cheapest place that I could find @ $3.25/bottle. also has this collection which you can purchase as a set or individually. Here they are on sale for $3.52/bottle.

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  1. What is the whte background in the picture it looks very professional lol

  2. Paige: It's just a white sheet

  3. I absolutely love Wish Upon A Rock Star!!!!

  4. love wish upon a rrock star and platinum record!