Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little Dior...

I finally took the plunge and tried a few Dior products (which I purchased from Sephora).

The first is this Nail/Cuticle Cream called Creme Abricot (Apricot Cream). For this little tube (.35 oz) the price was a bit steep--$23.50 however it will last a long while.  Technically, it is recommended that this be used as a night treatment. It is really gooey/tacky but also feels like it is providing a protective barrier. I have used this during the day, just on a whim and do not recommend that! My iPhone was covered in finger mark slides and clicks! Overall, I love this--but only at night.

A little bit goes a long way!
 My next purchase was this polish in Ebony. This I am not so much a fan of. The color is a dark, taupe, dirty brown with a cream finish. Online, the reviews of this color were outstanding but between the semi-blah color and the streaky/patchy formula I was in no way impressed.
$22 for 10 mL or .33fl oz

Since this was my first Dior polish I had no idea that the silver cap was not actually attached.

Or maybe Sally Hansen took it from Dior (probably the case).

You can see the patchiness with the flash.
So I had a 50% success rate here. I love the nail cream and wish I didn't purchase the polish.


  1. How much was the cream?

  2. Paige: $23.50 for .35oz--It will last a good long while!