Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ransom Note/Message Nail Art

I’ve been a bit sick for the past few days which I am pretty sure is thanks to my new job—being around a lot of new people usually does this to me—so when I went to make my tutorial today I wanted something that wasn’t all too difficult but was still pretty, fun, and unique. I was recently asked about nail decals and while I don’t have any of those on hand, this design sort of incorporates the techniques that you would need in decal application. Moving along...
This design resembles a ransom note—now, I haven’t personally seen a ransom note (thank goodness) however I’m sure that we’ve all seen the generic cutout letter ransom note that movies and television shows depict.

I first went through and painted my nails a nice dark navy color (Zoya’s Ibiza) and then let them dry completely. Next, I went through and cut out some works and letters that I liked from an older magazine that I had lying around; this was the fun part. I then applied top coat to my nails (Seche Vite) and then went about sticking on my words.

I really think that this design is fun and gives the wearer a bit of freedom to be as creative as you they can be! I hope you all enjoy this one—let me know what you think in the comments!

Products Used:
Nail Magic Nail Hardener
Seche Clear
Seche Vite
An old Gourmet magazine!