Saturday, February 27, 2010

UNII Cosmetics Palette Review

I’ve been looking at the UNII Cosmetics Palettes for a little while now (the link is in my favorites!). I wanted to give them a try for many different reasons and uses. First, I wanted to see how they’d work at storing/transporting my various nail art paraphernalia. Second, I thought they’d be great for traveling; as I could store a blush, some eye shadows, and other pressed makeup in the palette without worrying about it popping open or leaking if a shadow happened to break. The third reason, you may wonder was simply pure curiosity.

While browsing the website one day I happened onto the page which has some depotting tutorials. I immediately went through to see which ones were posted and they were pretty much all ones that I had seen before. I emailed UNII with a link to my depotting tutorial just as a suggestion, since it is much different than the ones which were posted already. I received an email back a few days later and now, you can view my depotting tutorial on the UNII site as well. (I was sooo excited about this!)

Anyways, onto the review:

The UNII Palette is a more personalized way to store your depotted shadows, blushes, highlighters, etc. The palettes come in five different colors including Pomegranate, Snow, Twilight, Lemongrass, and Eggplant. The colors are bright and vibrant and reflect the creative side of makeup. Each palette has a rubberized seal and lock which prevent leaks and protects your makeup. Each palette also has a thumb grip which can be moved around to fit your hand size and shape and make holding the palette easier, not to mention, each palette comes with a sheet of magnets for your depotted shadows!

UNII palettes also each have a large mirror, the mirror accounts for much of the weight of the palette. This palette is also thicker than a MAC palette and feels sturdier as the top and bottom have little give when it comes to bending and maneuvering them. I must say that I want to get one of each color! The only downside to these palettes is the price ($29) however, in my opinion they are totally worth it. When looking at the cost think of how expensive it would be to replace the eye shadows in another palette if it spilled open; or think of how long a MAC palette lasts (for me, it’s only a few months before a hinge or the locking mechanism breaks). The UNII palette is basically the cost of 2 MAC palettes which is how many you will most likely go through in the lifetime of 1 UNII palette; not to mention that this palette also has the added benefit of a mirror and fun color choices. If packaging matters to you, why not choose something that reflects your personality?

I’ve taken some pictures which demonstrate the storing capabilities of these palettes.

Pomegranate (Front)
Lemongrass (Back)
Rhinestone Wheel, dotting tool and thumb grip

Thumb Grip

Six Dotting Tools and Thumb Grip (to keep them from rolling)

Ten MAC eye shadows, One MAC blush and, Thumb Grip

14 MAC Shadows and the Thumb Grip

Locking Mechanism

Rubberized Seal to prevent leaks

3 MAC blushes

7 MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Shadows and the Thumb Grip

Size Comparison MAC Palette to UNII Palette

Thickness Comparison MAC (left) UNII (right)

These palettes were sent to me by UNII. I decided to review them after using them and falling in love with them. My opinions are my own. If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me!

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  1. you should give one of these away for your next contest :) haha