Saturday, February 20, 2010

Color Block/ Mod 60's Inspired Nails

I’ve really been wanting to use these French manicure guides that I’ve had forever to do something, and I truly couldn’t think of anything until today! (BTW I don’t wear French manicures very much at all so that wasn’t really an option.)

The French manicure (FM) guides that I have actually came from a FM set I bought a few *years* ago from Sally Hansen. At the time I had no idea that Stripe Rites and other nail art polishes existed so I purchased the set solely for the white polish with the thin brush. Included were a sheer polish, top coat, and the white polish along with the aforementioned guides. To this day I’ve kept them around thinking that I may one day use them and today my friends I found their purpose!

I’ve wanted to do a color block design for a while now and I’ve tried creating them several times which were all overly complicated and usually ended in a steaming pile of fail. On my attempt today I decided to keep it simple and *finally* came out with a wearable design. If you are curious as to what I’m blabbering on about, here are a few pictures:

The products I used were:

Nail Magic Nail Hardener (Review can be found here)
Seche Clear (base coat)
Zoya- Purity (white)

OPI- ‘The “IT” Color’ and ‘You’re a Pisa Work’ (yellow and pink)
China Glaze- ‘Flying Dragon (Neon)’ and ‘Blue Sparrow (Neon)’
Misa- The Grass is Greener on My Side (Neon)
Stripe Rite in White (my line corrector/eraser)

Seche Vite

All in all I really did enjoy the way this came out. If I was going to do it again I would find something thinner than the FM guides as I think they were a little too thick for the size of my nail.

If you’d like a more in depth description of the process than check out my video below:


  1. I like these :) I'm going to try this but the only french guides i own are the ones that are kinda curvy. So what i'm doing is this: I have several of those adhesive sheets that are used for labels and stuff. I'm cutting those on the exact size i need them and ready :) It's just a tip :D Nice design! :)

  2. This is so cute! I know you are always looking for inspiration, so I was thinking that you could check out the new trend of water based nail polish!? I think it sounds really cool because it is good for the environment and everything, but I am kind of worried that it does not work.!
    Also for a nail design, I was thinking you could do the gold foil trend that i coming in?
    p.s-> i heard that matte white (like white out white) is going to be back in so you can totally use your china glaze that you always complain about!