Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eyeko ‘Pastel Polish For Nice Nails’ Review

If you’ve read the title then you may be wondering what I am doing reviewing another Eyeko nail polish. Well, this actually a limited edition product which I figure at least deserved a little bit of my time and a few pictures. The color is beautiful, a baby blue with a seafoam green duochrome effect. The color is light enough that one coat would leave you with a sheer light nail but, if you bump it up to three coats, you have a nearly opaque baby blue. This color reminds me very much of spring which I can’t wait for!

My complaint, you may wonder? I absolutely despise the brush and handle and I fear that the polish will dry out very quickly since the mouth of the bottle is very large. Of one thing I’m certain, air+polish in bottle=thick goopey mess.

Onto the Pictures!

The Duochrome-y goodness

The Brush

The wide mouth of the bottle

1 coat


What do you think of this color?

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