Sunday, October 18, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II Swatches

After receiving my book of shadows I immediately started swatching. What can I say? I had to do it! I have some issues with misconceptions when it comes to texture, color payoff, and quality. If something is from a promising brand and expensive then the shadows have to live up to my expectations or I won't repurchase. I am serious! Sometimes it will take me years to retry a brand because of one bad product--I won't be having that problem with this brand. So far, everything that I have purchased I love!

This palette includes 16 shades, eight of which are exclusive. The exclusive shades include:
  • Perversion
  • AC/DC
  • Nylon
  • Mushroom
  • Sphynx
  • Jinx
  • Homegrown
  • Misdemeanor
Onto the swatches!

So here is a reminder of what shadows were in the palette (you can click to enlarge):

Here's the top row:

Left to Right: Perversion, Gunmetal, Ecstasy, AC/DC

  • Perversion is a basic matte black and truthfully not too impressive. This is with several swipes--I prefer my MUFE.

  • Gunmetal is an amazing charcoal gray with shimmer and glitter. Luckily it isn't crazy glitter-ful or I'd be completely turned off by it. The picture is with only one swipe, so it is very pigmented. The consistancy was soft not chalky. I'd love it more if there was no glitter but that's how it goes.

  • Ecstasy is a lilac-y purple/pink it is quite sheer but a great soft shimmery color to have.

  • AC/DC is a high shine purple. Nothing too remarkable but there is a tiny bit of duochrome to this color.

The second row from the top:

Left to Right: Nylon, Sellout, Mushroom, Sphynx

  • Nylon is a light gold very similar to Blonde's Gold from MAC. A good all around lid color that would be great for a neutral look. This shade is frosty!

  • Sellout is a shimmery champagne color--another good basic

  • Mushroom is a taupey brown. Mushroom is similar to MAC Satin Taupe but less plumy. Again this is a shimmery shade.

  • Sphynx is the glitter bomb in this row (there is one glitter in each of the first three rows). Like Gunmetal from above is not all too glittery so the fallout isn't tremendous but be aware it is there.

The third row:

L to R: Half Baked, Twice Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, YDK

  • Half Baked is another great gold. A shimmery, frosty mid tone yellow gold is the best way I can describe this one. It is one of my favorite golds that I own.

  • Twice Baked is an intense chocolate brown. Less frosty then the other shades but similar to Gunmetal in pigmentation. One swipe gave me the intense brown pictured above

  • Midnight Cowboy... I hate this shade! How is it that this is the shade that UD is most known for?!?! It is a crazy glittery mess. I have no idea how to wear it without have glitter all down my face. I tried it with paint pots, cream shadows and spraying it with fix+, anyway I do it I am a glittery mess. After this swatch was done I wiped my arm clean and, even while writing this I still have glitter on me. GRRR!

  • YDK is a similar to mushroom except that is actually has the plum to it the Mushroom lacks. This shade is a bit sheer but still beautiful.

Last Row:

L to R: Jinx, Flipside, Homegrown, Misdemeanor

  • Jinx is a frosty light blue. It is sheer but over a base looks amazing.

  • Flipside is a bit more teal than Jinx but similar in texture, pigmentation and hue.

  • Homegrown is a leaf green, frost. I actually don't have a color that is the least bit similar to this one so it is a nice addition to my collection. It is a deeper, brighter Juxt (MAC) eyeshadow (if that makes sense).

  • Misdemeanor is a great duochrome. Similar to MAC's Club but the shift is not quite as bright green. Again this is a shimmery shade.

What are some of your favorite Urban Decay Shades?


  1. im totally pining for the book of shadows! its beautiful! :) you lucky girl

  2. This is on it's way from Sephora. Can't wait to play. Thanks for the swatches.