Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My MAC Blush Swatches

If you don't know this about me already then here it is: I am a blush addict! So I figured I'd share some swatches from my MAC Blush Palettes.

My first palette is more coral/miscellaneous shades:

Top Row: The Perfect Cheek, Cantaloupe (PRO), Blunt (contour)
Bottom Row: Milani Luminous, Spaced Out (neo sci-fi), Style

Here are the swatches:

Left to Right: The Perfect Cheek, Cantaloupe, Blunt, Milani Luminous, Spaced Out, Style

  • The Perfect Cheek is actually an amazing blush. It looks nothing like the swatch when you apply it. It is hard to describe but it just lifts your complexion.
  • Cantaloupe is PRO color. It is a creamy peachy/coral shade that just seems to melt onto/into your skin.
  • Blunt is my contour color. Applied gently with a light hand is works very well with me skintone although I can't honestly imagine ever running out.
  • Milani Luminous--I know this isn't a MAC blush but it fits in the palette so I depotted it. (Note: it is slightly smaller then the palette well). It works well to lighten a darker blush or as a highlighter.
  • Spaced Out was a limited edition shade. I don't know of anyone that this shade doesn't look good on.
  • Style is an orangey coral frost. I don't wear it often but when I do I buff it out to get rid of most of the shimmer.
My second palette is pink shades:

Top Row: Pink Swoon, Tippy BPB (Hello Kitty) Feeling (BPB)
Bottom Row: Azalea (PRO), Serenely (BPB)
Note: BPB means Beauty Powder Blush


Left to Right: Pink Swoon, Tippy, Feeling, Azalea, Serenely

  • Pink Swoon is a bright soft pink if that makes sense. Looks great alone or works well to calm down a brighter color.
  • Tippy was a BPB that I depotted from Hello Kitty. It is insanely pigmented and cool toned. Applying this one can be tricky but a stippling brush and a light hand can work wonders.
  • Feeling is a toned down reddish brown. I don't wear it often but applied lightly it is a great fall cheek.
  • Azalea is another pro blush. While in the pan it doesn't look similar, in the swatch you can see that Tippy and Azalea could be sisters. The only difference is that Azalea has a bit of duochrome goodness to it (shifts purple). It doesn't translate well onto the cheek but it looks great in the pan.
  • Serenely is similar to Feeling but more red than brown. I wear it silimarly to Feeling too!

Do you have any must-have MAC blushes? Let me know in the comments--I am always looking for a new blush to love!


  1. Ben Nye makes some super blushes too. And they're cheap!

    I buy them here:

    So far, I have the Desert Coral (a little shimmer), Latte (beautiful matte warm tannish color) and Natural blush (run of the mill peach-y color, but flattering).

    But beware...if you're buying Ben Nye eyeshadows too, some of the colors overlap. For instance, natural blush looks exactly like the shadow in apricot. Victorian Rose and Soleil are next on my shopping list. I'm might also give makeup mania a shot. I hear they do a good blush.

    Love your blog!

  2. PinksandCastle--I've been wanting to try some ben nye products. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I only have one Mac blush and that's Tippy. I like some of the blushes you have.