Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Leaf Handmade Bath & Body Products

I discovered a new Etsy shop that I am absolutely loving called Red Leaf. I initially stumbled onto their page when I was searching for Bubble Bath. Why might you ask did I choose this site in particular? Three words: Bubble Bath Dough--it's looks like playdough, smells fantastic, and makes the best bubbles I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying! They sell more than just bubble bath dough including, Soap and Shave Cubes, Room Spray, Linen Spray, Moisturizer, Face Spray, Lotion, Aftershave and Shampoo Bars. They have a limited amount of scents to choose from however the scents are all around favorites in my opinion.

In my first order, (I say first because there will definitely be more) I chose:
  • Full Size (9 oz) Bubble Bath Dough (BBD) in Oatmeal, Milk and Honey ($12)
  • Sample Size (4oz) BBD's in Black Tea and Lavender ($3.50 ea)
  • Shampoo Bar in Plumeria ($11)
  • Full Size (3.5 oz) Soap and Shave Cube in Beach ($5)
  • Sample Size (1.5 oz)  Soap and Shave Cubes in Basil and Lime and English Coast ($3.50 ea)
There are also other scents offered like:
Orange Sherbert
Fresh Clover
And specifically for Men:
Fresh Orange

So why am I so in love with the BBD:
  • Bubbles like you wouldn't believe! Check out the video below to see what I mean!
  • The bubbles last and last (in comparison to my Philosophy 3-in-1). After about 30 minutes I still have at least 1/2 of the bubbles that I initially started with in my bath. I usually end up emptying the tube with bubbles still in it!
  • Moisturizing--I think that it is the sweet almond oil in the dough that makes my skin feel moisturized once I've dried off. I live in a hard water area so that is saying a lot.
  • The Scents--Of the scents I purchased, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey is my favorite followed by English Coast. The black tea frangrance was the only scent that I wasn't thrilled with, not because it smelled bad, it just wasn't what I was expecting.
  • It's not just a bubble bath! This product can also be used as a scrub--yay for multitasking!
In terms of the soaps that I tried:
  • Scents lasted on the skin
  • Felt squeaky clean (which can be good on bad depending on your preference)
  • In terms of a shave cube I actually really liked this product (more so than as a soap). It provided a great slip and lathered nicely.
I am going to give you a bit of a breakdown on the scents I have:
  • Oatmeal Milk and Honey--smells very reminiscent of almond extract, almost like marzipan. There are notes of Oatmeal and Honey (I don't know what milk smells of :) ) but the predominant scent is almond.
  • Beach-- Instead of salty air I smell the sand and sunscreen. My mind does not immediately go to Beach when I smell this although it is very fresh and bright.
  • Lavender--easiest one to review! This smells of fresh cut lavender.
  • Black Tea--very woody scent, almost smoky. It reminds me of a wood burning fireplace and the middle of winter.
  • English Coast--reminds me a lot of Irish Spring just not as strong. Again this scent is very fresh- a good wake up soap.
  • Basil and Lime--I can't quite put my finger on this scent. But it is uplifting, light, and green.
For more detailed scent descriptions check out their etsy store here ShopRedLeaf.


  1. Thank you for such a great feature, I really appreciate that:)

  2. I love bath and body products. I'm a shower person so I look for shower washes.

  3. Lucy--these bubble bath doughs make great all over skin exfoliaters (I use it that way in the shower!) Thanks for all the lovely comments!

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    I support you on this and I'll try to leave few words here and there.

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