Thursday, August 19, 2010

GINGER and LIZ Nail Polish Review

Not too long ago I was shopping online for nail polish (surprise, surprise) when I came across a brand that was new to me: GINGER and LIZ. Now while I in no way claim to know everything about nail polish and different brands I was surprised that I hadn't, in the very least, seen a swatch of their colors before. Since I am always looking for a good deal, and I knew that I wanted four colors in particular, I waited for a sale and then snagged these four beauties!

(Left to Right: Chase Me, Boy Toy, Reality Check, Got my Groove Back)
G and L polishes are normally $12 for .43 fl oz but on this particular occasion, I paid $8 a bottle so the same as if I was purchasing Essie or OPI. The difference? Quality!

Up until this point no "high end" polish had truly lived up to the hype for me. OPI, Essie, and the like all wore off pretty quickly on me even with a great base/top coat combination. There is a reason I have a large number of China Glaze polishes in my collection; they mimic Essie and OPI in color but are less than half the price.

The G and L polishes come in several finishes, have a wide range of colors, and wear like no body's business. I can get a solid week out of these polishes with nothing more than tip wear and since I use my hands a lot for work, that is saying something! They have a wide range of colors from professional nudes and lighter shades, to neon's and deep sultry colors. Overall it is a varied selection sure to fit anyones needs. They also have their own base coat and top coat which I haven't tried yet but am excited to get my hands on.
Below you'll find some swatches as well as my review video! Enjoy!

Reality Check

Got my Groove Back

Chase Me

Boy Toy

FYI: This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with GINGER and LIZ. I'm just sharing an amazing brand with fellow nail fanatics!

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