Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twilight Saga--New Moon Inspired Nails

Okay, okay so I am not a crazy twilight fan however, I have read the series and seen the one movie currently out. It's fun to watch and books are incredibly easy to read so while I am not a crazy obsessed twilight fan, I am not a hater either.

This nail art design was inspired by the cover art for the New Moon book in the twilight series. It features a beautiful red and white flower which I do not know the name (sorry). Here is a picture of the book cover:

And here is what I came up with:

The design is a combination of a feathered look and layering. I used two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather to start with, then painted the red and white design with OPI Vodka & Caviar and China Glaze White on White. I like the overall design. It is my little way of celebrating the upcoming release of the movie without people being like, "OMG you like twilight!" if you know what I mean.


  1. I totally understand! The books are very easy to read and the movies are fun to lose yourself in.
    This is a great mani, too!
    I really love your blog, especially all the tutorials!

  2. Oh. Em. Gee. I looove these! I'm totally trying this :)

  3. wow that a super cool design, in other words that's baddass (in terrific way).

  4. Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

  5. ohhh i love this one.. so pretty...

  6. haha i totally love this! Just did it myself for the New Moon midnight premiere!