Sunday, November 29, 2009

I cut them off again!

Inevitably I must cut my nails. the more I try to file them down little by litte the thicker and stronger they become which is both wonderful and a true pain. I am having issues with two nails on my right hand peeling at the moment so I chopped those nails off last week but since I still needed to do a Thanksgiving video I decided to leave my left hand long--at least until last night. 

Hopefully now both hands can grow together--I am hoping for longer nails for graduation which is on December 15th!

After chopping, filing and painting here is what I am left with:

Color is Rescue Beauty Lounge: Concrete Jungle


  1. love the color & the length. i try to keep mine low like this. easier to do my chores. :O) thanks for sharing

  2. That's a pretty color!

    Anyways, check out my blog too if you want :)