Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zebra Print Nails

I must say that I was not all too enthusiastic about doing this design but now tha it is all said and done, I am quite happy with the results. Animal prints have never been my style. Generally speaking (because I do own a few) I find that they look tacky and silly but I am loving my nails--weird I know.

I actually had to go out and purchase nail polish for this one (woa is me, right?!?!) so I took advatage of the buy 2 get 1 free at Sally Beauty (even though they raised the price of China Glaze). I ended up with ChG White on White, Liquid Leather, and Golden Enchantment which is the gold counter-part to Fairy Dust. For this look I used the White on White and it was a streaky mess. By far not my favorite white but I really didn't want to go buy the OPI version in Alpine Snow (which is amazing). I also picked up 6 Stripe Rites in blue, black, white, purple, black glitter, and white glitter--so far I love them all.

I started with my regular hardener and base coat followed by two coats of the White on White. Then using the black stripe rite and a picture that I found of a zebra pattern I went to town. Generally I like to do something different with my ring fingers but since the pattern was already so busy I left them plain--Let me know what you think!


  1. That is amazing. I love love love zebra print!! :D

  2. cool way to learn how to do this

  3. Wow! They r just amazing! But, u should really paint ur ring finger.

  4. Wow those are really good but next time put zebra stipes on all of them.