Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Review

I should preface by saying that I try not to hold expectations for any mascara that I try. Generally speaking the claims that are made on the packaging, in commercials and on websites are created by genius marketers to make you buy the product. That being said this mascara is amazing!
Things that I expected from this mascara:
  1. length--oodles of length
  2. defining
  3. separation
  4. nourishment
  5. dark black color
  6. soft, not crusty lashes

Things that I noticed when using this product:

  1. length--wonderful long, slightly curled length
  2. defining--the brush really works to get to each and every lash
  3. separation--okay not amazing. My problem here was the the ends of my lashes had a tendency to get stuck together.
  4. nourishment--my lashes don't feel brittle and I haven't had a problem with breakage (which I have had with other drugstore mascaras)
  5. Very Black is a good definition of the color that I chose.
  6. Soft, glossy, touchable lashes

The only thing that this mascara doesn't do is volumize but nor does it claim to so I guess we are even there.

The only thing that I strongly dislike about this product:


I'd recommend giving this one try. I'll give it a 4.7/5 stars for me.

Watch my youtube review here:

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  1. I LOVE this mascara!! I have given it a glowing review on my blog and I thought that I was the only person that found the smell to be a bit nasty! Some people have said that their lashes have been falling out after using this, but I use it every day and havent noticed that. Great review! :)