Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Julep Maven Program/Polish Review/Discount Code

Recently, I decided that I was no longer happy with Birchbox; so I canceled my subscription and started looking for something new and different. After some research into different monthly subscriptions for beauty, skincare, shoes, and jewlery, I found Julep which caters to my specific love of nail polish. The picture above is what came in my first box and I have to say that I am quite impressed with the polish (and it's 3 Free)!

The first thing you do when becoming a 'Julep Maven' (the name of the subscription service) is take a short personality quiz. From this quiz, you are place into a category (I believe there are 5/6). My category was Boho Glam which, based on the description is a great fit. My first box came with products in a retail value of $60; each subsequent box will contain at least $40 retail worth of product and it only cost me $19.99. The great thing about Julep, and the thing that is so similar to other services is that you can skip a month, request a new shelf pull (if you don't like the products that were picked for you), or send your Maven box to a friend.

 Some fun characteristics of this program include:
As a Maven you get a sneak peek at new/exclusive colors first!
You receive a 20% discount on any Julep products that you buy outside of your subscription!
Free Shipping on all purchases!
Also, once you have signed up, you can use your referral link to earn free months of service for every 2 people who sign up because of you!

If you are interested in giving it a try you can use the code December--I believe this changes with the months--  (I've also seen codes Welcomemv5, first5, and Intro5; I don' t know if they work) to get your first box for just $5!

For every bottle of polish that is purchased, $1 is donated to organizations that support women through Julep's Powered by Girlfriends program.

 For my first box, I received the Julep Basecoat, Olivia Polish, Miranda Polish, Glycolic Hand Scrub, and 2 small samples. The polishes are gorgeous, opaque in two coats or less, and when paired with the base coat the wear is incredible. The following are some swatches for you and other pictures of the bottles.
 This product is good not great. I usually don't do much in terms of hand (skin) care so it's strange for me to start.
Miranda, 2 coats

Olivia, 2 coats-- I have never owned a brown polish like this! Love it!

Side view of the bottle

Olivia (w/China Glaze Golden Enchantment)

Overall, I'm loving this program. I will keep you updated!

FYI: I've included my referral link in this post.


  1. Wow thanks I think I will try it out I' mean for only $5 why wouldn't you!

  2. Dangit...I just 2 days ago ordered my first box...trying out the Maven program..I wish I saw this b4...I would of gotten to try for the $5 ... :(

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