Monday, September 12, 2011

Zoya Giveaway Winner!

I love having giveaways, hence the recent slew of the them. Besides actually giving something away I enjoy the whole process...

Compiling the names, checking to make sure that those who enter are in fact following my blog, and finally checking tweets. Once that is done I put everyone's name on a list and print it out. Then,  I get to cut out all the names and fold them up--I *really* do love this part, it is something about the soothing monotony of it all. Finally, I throw all the folded names in a glass jar, toss them up, and have the hubby pull a name (I feel that it's all a bit more fair that way). 

Congratulations to our winner:

Thank you to everyone who entered! 

Coming up this week: 
Swatches and reviews of the China Glaze Halloween Collection and a giveaway for their Haunting set!
Also, I'll be having a twitter giveaway coming up this week. Follow me @szuchnic and enter when I tweet about it!

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  1. thank you girl! I can't wait to see your swatches of the halloween collection!