Monday, June 6, 2011

My recent favorites...

Here are some of the items that I have been loving recently. Some are long time favorites and some are new but they are all fabulous products that I can't live without!

I suppose that it is appropriate to start with nails... I finally finished my Nail Magic Base Coat Therapy (which I do not recommend) and was able to purchase this--hopefully I can get my nails growing again!

My all time favorite tinted moisturizer! I have used this for a few years now and I always come back to it!  My color is light.

I just received this as a sample from Everyday Minerals and I love the color--the applicator not so much.
Color is Cardamom.

This falls into the oldie but goodie category. I love all MAC fluidlines but this color has been getting a lot of play lately.
Color is Blue Peep.

This NARS blush again is one that I am using a lot. The color compliments my skintone very well and it a great orange coral.
Color is Gina.
A recent favorite for moisturizer. It has Alpha Hydroxy Acid (a small amount) that is doing wonders for my skin.

I love my Clarisonic Mia. 

But, I specifically love this new brush head which is the Deep Pore Head. Amazing!

This will definitely be my next fragrance purchase! This sample was in my Birchbox and it was my favorite thing in there!

This one is odd but I love the color of these earrings--they are from Target and were in a set of three.


  1. I use that nail magic and it works amazing on me. My nails are so long and strong now!

  2. Nail Designs xox: ITA, I stopped using it for a bit and my nails changed dramatically (and not in a good way)

  3. hey girl, tagged you for this award!