Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Goodies! Portugal Swap

I was very lucky to swap with a another wonderful person from Portugal. If you remember a while back I posted a swap with All About My Nails who has a blog that I've followed for quite some time (her blog is in Portuguese then translated to English).
I met Elisa from this blog and set up a swap for ten polishes. While she doesn't have a blog to show what I sent her I figured that I could show you what I was sent. So here we go...

Left to Right (Brand, color): Yes Love, 72; H&M polish, No Mambo Jambo; Andreia, 53; Andreia, 105

Yes Love '72' (1 coat)

H&M Polish 'No Mambo Jambo' (1 coat)

Andreia '53' (2 coats)

Andreia '105' (2 coats) This resembles 'Mermaid' by Sephora by OPI

Left to Right (brand, color): Bity, Jade; Risque, Menta; Risque, Verde Esmeralda
Names Translated (L to R): Jade, Mint, Emerald Green

Bity 'Jade' (2 coats)

Risque 'Menta' (3 coats)

Risque 'Verde Esmeralda'

Left to Right (Brand, color): Risque, Azul Hortensia; Risque, Laranja Siena; Risque, Obsessao
Name Translation: Blue Hydrangea, Sienna Orange, Obsession

Risque 'Azul hortensia' (2 coats)

Risque 'Laranja Siena' (2 coats)

Risque 'Obsessao' (2 Coats)

I love the way these are packaged!


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  2. you lucky one :).. you got alot of pretty stuff!

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