Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candy Cane Nails!

Candy canes are one of my favorite parts of the holidays (only the peppermint one's though)! So it was only a matter of time before I got around to doing this design. I've also been a bit out of the loop (nail art wise) so I thought something with straight lines would be a good starting point back in.

I can say with complete honesty that I will probably do this at least one more time before the holiday season ends. Hopefully the next time I will be able to get the lines a bit less shaky! Enjoy and Happy Holidays! 


  1. I love it!! It could be tweaked for Valentine's Day too. Switch to reds, whites, and/or pinks even... :)

  2. First I wanted to say that I love your videos and nail art. My favorites are the snowflakes and the champagne gold glittery one (I can't remember the exact name for it).

    I have a request for a video... could you do some sort of nail art (painting) but show you doing your other hand? I would love to do those snowflakes, but knowing how I just paint my nails on my right hand, I can't even imagine doing nail art on them as well! I would love to see if you have any special techniques or tips to help out the other hand in us all!

    Thanks, and please, keep them coming!