Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve Nails

While I am always excited for a new year to begin there is also a slight bit of remorse, sadness even as the past is the past and can't be repeated. Mainly I am thinking of the good times but there are pivotal moments, key decisions which have brought me this far and made me the person I am today. 2010 will be full of wonderful moments too I am sure but like an old familiar friend 2009 will not be easily forgotten.

That being said, and what you are probably most interested in is: What nail design will I ring in the New Year with? Well, here it is! A sparkling, bedazzled, jeweled number with enough glitter to ring in the next few years--let me tell you, I am not looking forward to removing this--but for now, it is a gem to look at.

Please have a safe and Happy New Year!

The whole design was inspired by Katy Perry and one of her amazing rhinestone encrusted designs.

Above: Artificial Light

Above: Sunlight

Above: Sunlight, shown blurry to see some of the sparkle


  1. Wowwww, this is so cool! I love it :)

  2. i've found that actually i don't need a topcoat over rhinestones...some take me a while to get offif you push them in like you did, then they just STICK THERE haha, and yes, top coat makes it less shiny )=