Sunday, July 26, 2009

Korres Blush Review and Swatches

Korres blushes to me are simply put: Amazing! Currently available at Sephora (or where you can find Korres Makeup) these blush are .21oz and cost $22 USD. There are six colors available which include:

  1. 15 Natural (golden nude)
  2. 16 Pink (pink rose)
  3. 18 Peach (peachy pink)
  4. 32 Purple Brown (plum beige)
  5. 44 Orange (golden peach)
  6. 47 Orange Brown (peachy beige)

I personally own 16, 18, 44 and 47 and love everyone of them. Each is richly pigmented, smooth and blendable. All of the shades also have a varying degree of shimmer however even the shades with a heavier shimmer are not glitterbombs and if well buffed leave just a dewy glow. My personal favorite shade is 44 Orange. It is bright yet natural and a unique shade that can be worn everyday and in my opinion is the essential summer shade. Of the four the only cool shade is 16 Pink. Although the shade is cool and my skintone is warm the shade still works wonderfully. This shade is also the one with the least shimmer (nearly matte). Below are some pictures and swatches of the aforementioned shades...

Pictured Above (L to R, top to bottom): Orange, Orange Brown, Peach, Pink
This picture above is the best representation that I could get of the shimmer in the colors. Colors (L to R): Orange Brown, Orange, Peach and Pink
Colors Above (L to R): Orange Brown, Orange, Peach, Pink


  1. They are really pretty when swatched. I'll have to take a look at them sometime

  2. I didn't know Korres had blushes! The colors look beautiful. Thanks for the post :)