Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reviewing my Everyday Minerals-- so far!

Okay so here it is! What I like and what I don't and what is still in the middle in my opinion.

What I like:
  • I love that I mixed my own foundation! It is perfect and I had fun experimenting with the colors that I received. I felt like a mixologist or an alchemist.
  • The easy application--wow! I save so much time with mineral foundation that it is amazing! I feel fresh and look awake with little to no effort which is always a plus.
  • The blushes are beautiful! The colors are exactly what I expected and they blend beautifully.
  • Brushes--They are so soft and full and make application easy.

What's still undecided:

  • Cosmetic Wet Wipes. They seem to take off my foundation and blush just fine but I am not sure they are for me. If you saw my youtube video about this haul I mentioned that these were the first wipes I had tried so perhaps it is just the process that isn't for me. I still need to use separate product for eye makeup remover so I don't see how these save a lot of time. However, after using these wipe my skin is soooo soft! So maybe they will grow on me yet!

What I am a little peeved about:

  • The finish of my shimmery blushes. All in all I ended up with 3 matte blushes and 3 shimmers. While the colors are gorgeous the shimmer can be a little much. It's like having a built in highlighter but, if applied wrong I highlight my pores which don't need any more attention.

All in all I am super happy with my purchase and plan on making another one, sooner than later~!

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